Frequently Asked Questions

Our Goal is 100% Customer Satisfaction on Every Dumpster Container We Rent!

Please take a moment to read the following information on Atex waste removal containers.

These polices help us provide the most efficient, hassle-free and economical service to you.

To avoid additional charges, please follow these rules and laws for safe, prompt service.


We are one of the few companies that use the hook-lift system to place containers at your location. This system has several important attributes:

  • Unlike the track-cable system used by others, the hook-lift allows us to drop off containers in tighter driveways and spots.
  • Some of the trucks we use to carry our containers are smaller than those used with the track-cable system, allowing us to place containers in tighter spots and on less-sturdy surfaces.
  • With our hook-lift system we are able to softly place containers on the ground instead of literally dropping them as track-cable operators do. What this means is that we treat your concrete, asphalt and lawn gentler than they do.
  • Unlike our competition, we offer small 10 & 15 yard containers that are perfect for those small jobs in tight spaces.

hooklift dumpster hendersonville tennesseeWHAT CAN’T I PUT IN DUMPSTER?

bellshire terrace trailer dropoffBy law, we cannot accept any toxic/hazardous waste (paint, herbicides, pesticides, asbestos, chemicals, oil, tires, fuels or appliances with Freon).

waste containers in skyline village tnIS THERE A WEIGHT LIMIT?

residential dumpster for heritage square tn homesYes! 10 yard containers have a 2 ton weight limit, 15 yard containers have a 3 ton weight limit, 20 yard containers have a 5 ton weight limit. If you are loading heavy material such as dirt, rock, concrete, brick, sod, shingles, asphalt please contact Atex’s office for instructions on loading. Charge for weight of contents beyond limit specified above: $36/ton.

junk removal keeps madison tennessee cleanCAN I FILL THE CONTAINER TO THE TOP?

Inglewood tn garbage removalAll materials must be inside the container, nothing over the top of container. By law we are required to tarp each load for transport. We cannot pick up a container that is over-full. You will be responsible for removing excess and a $50 return trip fee will be charged to return and pick-up container.

sunset view tennessee residential trash hauling companyHOW LONG CAN I KEEP THE CONTAINER?

commerical junk removal for cleveland park tn businessesThe price includes a rental period of up to 10 days for yard containers. You may extend the rental period for a additional fee of $3.00/day.

contractors dumpster rental discounts in maxwell tennesseeWILL CONTAINER BE PICKED UP AUTOMATICALLY?

dumpster rental pricing for every budget in goodlettsville tnNo. Please call when container is ready for pick-up. It is your responsibility to give our office a 24-hour notice.

bathroom remodel for houses in marrowbone tnCAN I MOVE CONTAINER?

homeowner junk removal near sylvan park tennesseeNo. We will do our best to place your container in a convenient and safe space, you may not move container. Moving container causes damage to underside. If damage occurs you are responsible for the cost to correct.

residential dumpster rental in berry hill tncontractors rental prices for workers in glencliff tennesseeIS YOUR DISPOSAL OPERATION ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY?

crieve hall dumpster sizes available to fit the jobYes! We do our best to protect the environment with our safe and eco-friendly practices, including appropriate disposition of waste materials based on their nature and re-use potential.

yard waste removal from merry oaks tn homesHOW MUCH IS A CUBIC YARD?

commercial trash hauling for businesses in white house tennesseeA cubic yard is 3’x3’x3′ and weighs nearly 1 ton for sand or dirt, but much less for most construction and trash materials. Most personal pick-up trucks carry 2 cubic yards of material. Atex can help you estimate the size of the dumpster or container you will need.

debris removal to fit your budget near gallatin tnHOW MUCH DOES TRASH WEIGH?

garbage removal for landscape projects around millersville tnBelow is a chart showing the very approximate weight of various kinds of typical waste contents.

on-call dumpster rental near antioch tn

As a renter you are responsible for the contents of the container and any damage that occurs to our container while on your site.

We hope this answers the questions you have, and we are are than happy to help you with your specific needs.

To receive more information about Atex Dumpster services, or a price quote, please call or email us today.